Friday, 13 January 2012


Yesterday, I went to the Royal Academy of Arts to visit the exhibition 'Building the Revolution' before it finishes in just over a week. I have quite a bit of a thing for Constructivism, so I couldn't wait to see this!

The Buildings featured in the exhibition have been more recently photographed by Richard Pare He explores the geometric beauty of these buildings which follow the Modernist golden rule, that function should dictate form. Alongside Pare's large images are original documentations from the Schuev state museum archive, which show the buildings in their freshly constructed prime. These were really nice, I love the Russian alphabet and the type that emulates modernity. I couldn't get any photos of these small monochrome documents and my current state of frugality means it will be a while before I get the book! Definitely worth a visit! I was hoping for a few postcards but the shop didn't have any to do with this exhibition.

Here are a few of my favourite images and buildings...

Soviet industrialised bakery, Photography: Richard Pare, 1999

The Gosprom Building, Kharkov, Ukraine. Designed by Sergei Serafimov, M. Felger and S. Kravets. 1925-28

Gosplan Garage, Moscow, Russia. Architect - Konstantin Melnikov. 1934-36

Soviet water tower. Photography Richard Pare: 1999

Architecture heavily influences my designs, which I will be revealing very soon!

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  1. This looks a brilliant exhibition, disappointed I'll most likely miss it. Looking forward to seeing these shapes (hammer and sickle?) in your new range!