Thursday, 17 June 2010

Placement Work.

Back in September last year i worked on a placement with Petra Storrs. One of the main tasks i helped with was a fashion show held at the V&A for 'Friday Late - British Fashion'. Being one of the biggest briefs she'd worked on, Petra roped in amazing choreographer Kate Zamira Mummery and a Composer, Bobby Krlic to get the ball rolling. Taking inspiration from Rebecca Horn kinetic art, and everyday objects with interesting mechanics, such as umbrellas, Petra then began to create a moving stage set.

The dancers were the main part of making the set a moving one, wearing costumes that altered their figures. The costumes allowed the dancers to make interesting shapes within the dance and the models something to work around. Bobby Krlic started the music composition by listening to how the fan costumes sounded when opening and closing.

The show lasted for 10 minutes and the designers involved were Hannah Marshall, Dean Quinn, Louise Gray and William Tempest.

Not only was it an amazing opportunity to get up close to the beautiful clothes, it gave me an insight into a large show. So many people were involved and Petra worked really hard to make everything come together.

A great placement with a very lovely lady x

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